Accomplishing the Unlikely

Electronics/Small Appliance Repair


I repair electronics and appliances, including laptop and desktop computers, CD and DVD players, VCRs, digital cameras and camcorders, video game consoles, and televisions, as well as small electronics, like telephones and walkie-talkies, remote controls, and childrens' toys, and household appliances, like vacuum cleaners, toasters, and portable space heaters and air conditioners.

For all the Do-it-Yourself-ers out there, I will also explain what is/may be wrong with any of the aforementioned devices and how to repair it.

I'm also available for consultation and advice on mechanical and electronic projects for home or industrial use, science fairs and student projects (provided that it is within the rules of the persons in charge of the event). I have specialized skills for such projects not common in the corresponding industries, such as DIY pyrotechnics and special effects, tesla coil design and construction, and innovative engineering.

Furthermore, I will take dead, damaged, and/or obsolete and unwanted electronics off your hands for free.

I charge $10 per hour plus the cost of parts to repair electronics and appliances, document all part costs and times at which I started and stopped working on the repairs, and offer a 30-day written warranty in case of oversights.

To determine the cause of the malfunction and offer a detailed description of how to repair it oneself is $20, a flat rate. Consultation is negotiable and depends on the complexity of your particular project and what is involved.

I accept cash, checks, and money orders.

Invention and Idea Development

If you have an idea or an invention and aren't quite sure what to do with it, I will be glad to help you. I'll work with you to fill the gaps in your design, identify potential problems and try to find solutions, and create patent drawings. I'd be more than willing to sign your non-disclosure agreement to protect your intellectual property, and if you don't have one, I can provide and sign the one I use for my own inventions.

Due to the widely varying nature of this work, the cost also varies. E-mail me at with information about your particular needs for an estimate.

Any work that I do regarding patent applications will require a contract stating that you are aware that I'm not a licensed attorney; merely an experienced inventor.

Graphic Design

I can do graphic design and illustration ranging from a simple vector logo to a High-Definition fantasy illustration. In addition to the standard JPEG and PNG formats, I can make SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), vector PDF, and PSD (Photoshop document, which retains separate layers). I can make traditional graphite or charcoal drawings as well, and acrylic paintings.

Please note that while I can save photoshop documents, I actually use Krita rather than Photoshop. If you need someone well familiarized with the Photoshop program, I am not a good fit.

The commission prices are as follows:

Logo - $10 to $50
A logo is a vector graphic used to represent your business or organization. Exact price depends primarily on the level of complexity of the shading, which gets quite complicated using the vector format.

Sketch - $5 to $25
Sketches are rough, unshaded drawings of a character or object. Price depends on level of detail.

Concept Art - $15 to $50
Concept art usually means that you have an idea for a character or object which hasn't been illustrated before, and you want me to illustrate it with basic lighting, on a plain white background, to display your concept. The price depends on the level of detail.

Full Illustration - $20 to $75
A full illustration can depict a character or an entire scene, and typically has a complex lighting angle and detailed background. There is a wide range of prices for these due to variances in the level of detail of the background and specific texturing and shading that your illustration demands.

Technical Drafting

My rate as a draftsman is $15 per hour. I can work independently or with other draftsmen, engineers, architects, or anyone else who needs to be kept in the loop on the project status. I provide information and images of the drawings to show my clients how far along I am, every day. If you've began a project on your own and don't have the time or ability to finish it, or you have finished a design and want someone more experienced to look over it, I will be glad to do that as well.

If you would like to purchase technical drawings, layouts, model plans, or fabrication drawings by commission, this is how you can request them. Please note that I reserve the right to turn down requests. If your request is turned down, you will receive an E-mail explaining why, and you will not be charged.
Requests can be done 2D or 3D, and are done using either AutoCAD or Autodesk Inventor. They can also be drawn by hand if sufficient time is provided. Architectural rendering , including floor plans, 3D virtual models of the outside and inside of the structure, elevation plans, landscaping, and structural images, are done using the program "Chief Architect 8.0".

Please E-mail the completed request form to:

Terms & Conditions
I accept United States Postal Service or Western Union money orders or checks only. Electro-Elite does not do business through PayPal!  I will also accept cash, sent Certified by mail (If it is not sent Certified, I am not responsible if it doesn't get here). Sorry for the inconvenience!
Please send the money order, check, or cash to:

Nicolai Blankers
PO Box 163
Nicollet, MN 56074

The commission prices are as follows:

2D drawings - $10 to $30
each, depending on time, effort, and detail. An exact price will be given once I receive your parameters.

3D drawings - $20 to $50
each, depending on time, effort, and detail. An exact price will be given once I receive your parameters.

Traditional (Hand-drawn) drawings - $15 to $25
each, depending on time, effort, and detail. An exact price will be given once I receive your parameters.

3D Architectural drawings - $35 to $70
depending on time, effort, and detail. An exact price will be given once I receive your parameters.