Accomplishing the Unlikely

About Electro-Elite

Electro-Elite is an independent business founded in 2007 by myself, Nicolai Blankers. It was founded so that everyday people with innovative ideas or seemingly impossible project complications could hire a fellow innovator for a reasonable price. Too many times I've seen the progress on modern technology be hampered because the businesses who handle the development of ideas just aren't set up for use by the average person... I hope to solve that problem by acting as an experienced innovator available for hire by anyone, providing resources to the general public through Electro-Elite™.

About Me

Hello, my name is Nicolai T. Blankers. Since I was eight years old, I've noticed that I have a unique understanding of machines and technology. I've enjoyed tinkering, experimenting, and building my own technology and electronics for as long. I began as hobbies in AutoCAD when I was 11, C++ programming when I was 12, and building my own electronics when I was 14. I began solving technological problems for my parents, and was soon solving them for anyone I met who couldn't afford to hire what society calls a "professional."
When I came of age to work, I learned that despite my excellent grades, self-motivation, and unique problem-solving skills, society considers me to be un-hireable. Why? Because I don't make eye contact, and I have a way of talking that other people might find strange. I have Asperger's Syndrome, a neurological difference between my brain and other people's brains. Because of it, I see eye contact as a sign of aggression, and I don't understand how to use tones of voice properly during a face-to-face conversation. What's the first requirement on any job application you'll ever read? "Must have excellent interpersonal communication skills" - even after-hours jobs which require no social contact have rejected me because of the different wiring of my brain.

My unique combination of theoretical and hands-on problem solving
produces innovative results that set me apart from other workers in the field.

I graduated high school at age 16, then attended Penn-Foster Trade School, studying the Electrician trade. I graduated trade school with an average grade of 96%.

I have a U.S. Patent (US8842269) on a beam deflection sensor. I filed for this patent when I was only 14, and it was granted September 23, 2014, at which time I was 19. 

I am a licensed Amateur Radio Operator, and a member of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) and SKYWARN. I've handled emergency radio communications during tornadic storms and at a number of large events, including the Minneapolis Marathon and the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon. This has given me a good deal of experience understanding chaos, and bringing order to it.

I am FEMA Incident Command System (ICS) Certified.

Assembling a prototype industrial automation robot.

I enjoy finding approaches to new problems, learning new trades, and doing anything that involves working with my hands. Aside from technical drafting, computers, and engineering, I also enjoy carpentry, building props, models, and figurines, sewing, leatherworking, designing and building furniture, and essentially any other hands-on task.