Accomplishing the Unlikely

Nicolai Blankers has been creating costumes and props since 2005. He has held a particular interest in costume armor and weapons, and finding new and improved techniques to construct them-- making them lighter weight, more durable, and less expensive to bring to life.

He loves hands-on learning and picking up skilled trades, such as carpentry and painting. He is best known for developing a method of casting automotive fiberglass resin over aluminum wire mesh to create lightweight, durable costume armor that has the look and feel of metal.
His most notable projects include Post-Apocalypse Genji (Overwatch) and Black Guardsman (TRON: Legacy/TRON: Uprising).

Outside the world of costuming, Nicolai is an emergency management worker who handles damage assessments during disaster relief operations, a ham radio operator, and an eSports coach and team captain.